If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you.

Let the others use their ploys. Let them say whatever they want about you. Let them defame you, put you down, or ridicule you. Don’t give in to them.

The world outside reflects only your own thoughts, choices, decisions, and actions. If the world within you is peaceful and harmonious, so will your reality be. The others cannot hurt you, they cannot even rattle you a bit. Build your strength on the inside. Let go of the fear and shame, and doubt and guilt you’re holding onto and be free.

Believe in yourself, even if no one else does. Remember this, the only one person who needs to believe in you is you. That’s all that matters. You are born on earth not to just survive, you are born to do great things, you are born to realize the precious dreams that you have been gifted with, you are born to be a miracle!

And when did you stop believing that?
It’s alright. We all get lost in life. But life never stops guiding us.

It is always there communicating with you at all times. It is the little voice inside you that you have suppressed with your judgements and conclusions, and have bound it to limits.

You have not the faintest idea of your potential and innate abilities. What you see on the outside is just an illusion to what is actually possible. The Universe is magical, it indeed is. And we are living, breathing, samples of the Universe itself.

This life is a gift. And you are endowed with great powers beyond worldly comprehension. Do not be distracted any longer, build the world within you. Imagine, see, believe, and create the life you desire. And indeed, make magic happen!

What you create within you, is what blooms in the world around you.
Recreate your world from the inside.