The potter’s clay

The reins of your life are in your hands.
Do with it from what you make of it.
For, in the end, we are just specks of dust,
floating in the endless ocean of time.

So this life, a gift for today, this,
And every day from here on and since;
is up to you to make it what you may,
just like a potter does with his clay.

Oh, such a precious gift, a great journey,
this life, living within all the limits,
yet ever knowing, growing the seed,
to push way beyond all known boundaries.

Sit still, yet look to the stars, you’ll see,
the grand Universe reflected within you.
What an illusion so beautiful, how could it not be?
There you see just what the mind can decree.

Live up this life, it is a grand celebration.
An astounding play like no other.
Nothing really matters so much though, not what,
as only how the potter shapes his clay.