Live in the miracles

How easily we are deluded?
How often we forget?

The great powers we hold.
How we could create our own universe.

Life is a great adventure. And it is up to us to live it as we choose, we have the power to attract the life of our dreams. But we get so distracted in chasing the means to our dreams, that our dreams slip by. Wake up! Create the vision of your greatest life, give it time, see it, feel it, believe it.

Dare to look beyond the blindfold in front of you. Break free from the script and see things for what they are. You can create your ideal life, all you need to do is make yourself believe that it is possible. If you believe it is possible, you will try. If you try once, you have a chance to persist. And if you persist, you will have it as surely as the light of the day and the dark of the night.

Hold yourself right. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. How you feel from moment to moment determine what you attract in your circumstances. The things you want, the things you dream about are out there, waiting for you. It is you who gives them meaning, gives abstract ideas shape and expression.

As much as you seek your dreams, they seek you too – so drop all your doubts, and go forth with all your eagerness and passion!

You’ve got this.
If it takes you a lot of time to believe in your dreams, so be it, don’t quit.
If you go through a ton of failures on the way, so be it, go on – don’t quit.
If you fear rejection, ridicule, and shame, fight through it, don’t quit.

You’ve got this.
You are the whole universe contained in a one. And all things are possible.

Live in the miracles.