You can change anything about yourself.
No matter what it is.

If you think you are not smart enough, you can change that.
If you think you have a weak memory, you can change that.
If you think you’re too short, you can change that.
If you think you’re too lean, you can change that.

Our bodies are just an expression of your mind.
What we think, or what we impress upon our minds gets expressed externally!

If you dig through the records of the medical miracles that have taken place, you will be amazed by the healing/regeneration power of the life force thriving within each of us. Physical features are nothing more than a paradigm in our minds. If we change the paradigm, the changes in our body follow just as day follows night. It is inevitable.

Think of the traits you have which you want to change, think of the bad habits you want to let go. You know it is all in your mind. If you think you are not smart enough, please don’t affirm the same to yourself, instead change the script of your self-talk. Say to yourself, I like doing things that smart people like to do. Then say to yourself, I am good at doing the things smart people do. Practice, practice and practice. And soon you will find that your self-talk has changed, your mind is not revolting against this new conflicting idea anymore, instead, it is kind of supporting it. Keep affirming what you want for yourself, change the script of your self-talk and see magic happen!

Avoid the negative chatter of your analytic brain and the new idea seep into your subconscious. Pray bold prayers. Practice strong affirmations, right before you go to bed and after you wake up – when your subconscious is open to accept suggestions.

Try it. You will see.

Stop believing and repeating the lies you see in your appearance.
The real Self you is whole and perfect.