Let go!

Let go!
Be at peace.

Drop the burden of expectations.
Leave behind the plans and objectives you hold onto.
And only for a moment just be.

Life will pass you by.
It will pass you by so quick that you might not live it in fact.
And how exactly are you supposed to enjoy the journey if you never look out to the sunsets that come by, and the snowflakes dropping from the grey sky?

The soul in you seeks out to grow.
It needs nourishment, it needs love, it needs its food.
And it is there in all things big or small, in all that is good and beautiful.

It doesn’t need fame, money, or prestige. These are the food for the ego!
Be not deluded by them. And as you grow, you will see that they are just a means to an end. The only true fulfilment is in the growth of the soul.

May you want good things, may you gather things of grace and beauty, may you do good deeds with your influence, so that it may fulfil you.

Let go!
Do not despair or rage.
Do not act with an ill will.
Let go of any agenda, theory, impression, belief, and be at peace in this moment.
Let go! For you are taken care of!

All that chasing, all the pushing against, all the brute force, cannot match the graceful strength and influence of one’s inner peace and calm. It is the seat of creation. It is the source of light to the seizing darkness.

So drop your identities, your conditioning, and paradigms.
Surrender your judgements and inhibitions.
And just for a moment exist in peace.

It’s all that simple.
There is nothing to go out and grab.
Let go. And the truth will come find you!