Little moments

It is only when you stop – the little moments when you look out the window, the moments when you feel the raindrop on your face, when you smell the fresh flowers of the morning or see the sun set – is when you allow the rapture of life to kindle within you.

It is in the quiet moments, in the recesses of busy-living, are the little gems of life that give us a glimpse of how beautiful every moment of this journey could be. We must begin to open our eyes to all the good things. We must appreciate the things we love and learn to express it freely.

The radiant ecstasy of life is open to one and all. Wake up a little early, watch the sun rise, take more coffee breaks, spend an evening in the park, watch the kids play, take the moments out to feel and enjoy the depth of ecstatic joy waiting to be expressed.

Talk to people, be a little vulnerable, trust despite the fear, make genuine connections, and share your being, totally. This life is so beautiful. Look at the green leaves, how gently the snowflake falls, how candidly the little child giggles. Go to a bookstore and smell the books, feel the texture of the paper. Grab a cup of coffee and feel its warmth.

Oh, we have so much in our lives. It’s time we delay our sleepwalking for a while and appreciate the little moments that make our days and life! Let us appreciate the kind words we’ve heard, let us also appreciate the hurtful times which made us who we are.

Notice how it feels to be alive, to be able to experience so many emotions, to be able to grasp the beauty and magnificence of every little thing. How wonderful it is.

Don’t let life pass you by.
Stop for a while.

Seek out the little moments, they may just unbind your unconditional joy!