What we give

There is a power out there, the life force, the Universal Consciousness permeating through all space and matter. It is there in every cell of your body in every molecule and atom. Or to be more accurate, every cell and molecule in our body is in it.

Just like the fish lives in the ocean but do not know what water is. They cannot distinguish the medium they live in. It is all around them, yet they see it not, know it not.

Such is the field of energy of the Universe, it is all around us. We live, breathe, and thrive within it, yet we see it not, know it not. It is the life force that sustains us. This field of pure consciousness is alive and active, it is sensitive to the highest degree.

And we have the power to use it to our good and the good of all. Our thoughts and emotions influence the thought field around us, and the energy that we put out into the open is exactly what is brought to us back amplified. And thus, you may reap a fortune if you choose, or not, it all depends upon how you influence the sphere around you.

If your heart is pure, if you stay on your path of righteousness, there is no doubt your destiny shall be glorious. For the things you receive in life, both good or bad, are only returns of your own sowing, results of your own thinking and actions.

Just like gravity, the life principle doesn’t take sides. It preserves the perfect balance between creation and fruition. It brings to man exactly as he chooses to give expression, in thought, word, and deed. So mind what you put out into the Universe. Guard your thoughts and emotions with all your life. Be the best you can be and give your best to others. Give out love, joy, laughter, offer gratitude, trust, serenity, hope and all the good things, and all the good things shall come to you.

This is a good life y’all.
Live it well!