Nuggets: To have lived

Time is slipping by. Second by second. Minute by minute.
Don’t you see it?

Life is too short to live like this.
Miserable and lifeless.
Without fire and zest.

Yet, you ask what of it?
What’s there of harm living motionless, within comfort?

O! Harm you may see none.
But ask yourself, are you living at all?

Life will be what you make of it.
All the adventures you didn’t embark upon, all the chances you didn’t take.

Does it make you feel better to sit in darkness and without life?
Or does it fire you up going out there battling the sea of fate?

The timid soul is none, your soul would raise that fire within you if would just allow for its expression if you would just quiet your mind and listen to its calling.

To have lived in the sidelines is not to have lived at all.
Tame the seas, breathe the fire, and a life you shall have lived!