Drop your delusions

Unless you are free from your fantasies unless you have overcome your yearning for sense pleasures and external validation, you will not be able to see the higher plane of possibilities that lie dormant within you.

The miracles to the common mind that you may perform, the power that you may express if you would let go of the delusion of a life that you are living in – mistaking false for real.

As and when you can, make a sincere attempt to listen to the inner voice within you. Try to be still, try to quiet the chatter of the mind, and let your inner voice speak. You are not just a man, you are a god living among men – and yet you know it not. So, as long as you do not recognize your true nature, you will only identify yourself as a man, as your worldly identity.

Wake up!
You are here to express your divinity. You are here to discover yourself, you are here to realize who you are, you are here to see yourself in all your glory. You are the universe. You have total control over all in your life. If you’d so wish you could make anything come about in this physical place. It is only because you are so lost in delusion, that you fail to recognize your powers, that you fail to believe in all the possibilities, that you think you have limits.

You don’t need no ground of evidence, your senses delude you as it is, all you have to do is believe – and anything is possible. All things big or small, all circumstances good and bad, all creation is produced in the mind – the seat of all creation.

Your mind is capable of originating an idea and bringing it to life. You may imagine a thing, anything, and make it come to pass. But to do that, you need to shed all your delusion and communicate your idea(s) to the All Mind, the dormant all-pervasive intelligence behind your rational thinking mind.

That’s your only job, to have access to this All Mind. For once you have access to this All Mind, you may at will decree a thing – and it shall be brought to pass.

Find your path.
Drop your delusions.