To life

What other people think of you shouldn’t be your concern.
The only thing you should look to is living life to the full.
Stop playing small.
Yes, you will be depressed, lonely, struggling, hungry,
you will have days where you won’t see any sign of hope,
you will doubt yourself, you will question everything.
Yes, there will be days like this, but don’t let that stop you
from taking a shot at greatness.

Lose not heart, dear friend.
Take each day as it comes.
Take the pain, hurt, and hopelessness,
and turn them about to your advantage.
Lose all fear by embracing it, take more risks,
and leap even further out of your comfort zone.
Just a small step each day is enough.
Little by little is all you need, to learn how to live.

The fire within you tries to express itself,
it rages and burns.
Often it is so overwhelmed with the goings-on of life,
the fire, it seems to have ceased to exist at all.
But be not deceived, it still flames within,
even if faintly, without force, but within flicker it does.

This day may not look much of a reward but
know well and sure that you are exactly
where you are supposed to be.
That no matter who you are and what you do,
you matter already.
That if you have ever done an act of kindness,
if you have ever helped bring joy to a child,
if you have ever smiled at a stranger,
or have simply shared a laugh with friends,
you have done your part.

And now you just have to relax,
and have fun for the rest of the game.
All that stressing over minutiae,
all that chasing and fighting,
all that worrying and doubting,
is all pointless, not necessary at all.
You already are worthy of love,
you already are perfect and divine.

Cheers to life!