Recreate your realities

The world within is the projector of the world without, isn’t it?
But is it because of my fear that someone wants to hurt me?

In my opinion, that someone is the one who is afraid so s/he wants to hurt me. What could I have done? Is it my thought and action which attracted it?


If a leaf drops from the tree and lands on your head, does the tree really want to hurt you? It is just another passing by of circumstances. It is only coincidental if it happens every day that you may now think the tree is trying to hurt you. But in truth, unless you see the tree as an enemy, as an external agent who wishes to harm you, it is just that – a tree. And its actions are nothing personal – unless you CHOOSE to see it directed against you.

Until you become AWARE of the “hate”, aware of the fact that someone is trying to “hurt” you, it doesn’t exist, does it? You CHOOSE to see it directed against you, but in truth, it may never really be.

It is only when you become AWARE of this fact that someone wishes to hurt you, your mind holds the fact to truth and makes it comes to pass. Your own mind, and imagination, gives solidity to your fears. Else, it’s only an appearance – you don’t even necessarily know the truth behind the situation.

Dismiss any fact from your mind which is not conducive to your highest ideal, dismiss it wholeheartedly – however persistent may it appear. THAT is the secret to converting failure into success, converting poverty to riches. Overwhelm your mind with your highest ideals, become positively delusional and keep a happy attitude – and you will find all things work out in your favor. Because as you put out into the Universe, the vibes you radiate, the seeds you sow, so shall you receive.