To see the truth in all things

How do I overcome the daily disappointments and be focussed in the praise of the Universe and its blessings? How can I look at everything with gratefulness when life feels like a suffering?


It is not that people laugh and smile because they are happy, it is because they laugh and smile that they are happy. But how can anyone laugh and smile when everything around them feels so painful and limiting?

By seeing the truth in all things. Feelings are just like visitors, let them come and go. Do not attach yourself to them. You have the power at any moment to come into any vibration of your choosing – don’t let it be of fear, doubt, frustration, anger, impatience, guilt, helplessness, of betrayal or victimhood.

This is your practice ground, the physical life you live as humans of flesh and blood. To attain understandings higher spiritual realms you must exercise your powers here on your playground of growth – and exercise control of your physical and mental states. You are a little god, learning to become One with All. When you understand this, you will no longer have such questions for you will see begin to see the truth in all things.

The emotional rollercoaster you go through is the necessary barrier that you must overcome to access the spiritual. It is only when you are able to command your emotions and become a master over your mind that you are given access to the spiritual realm and the stewardship of the powers and abilities that come with it.

Listen, there will always be ups and downs in life, there will be joys and there will be grave disappointments, but the only way you can see through all of it and be unaffected by its turmoils – is to become a master of it. To master your states, physical and emotional. To be deliberate in your command of every thought and feeling that you give birth to – regardless of your present external circumstances.

To hold yourself in wealth in the midst of poverty, to affirm great health in the midst of illness, to see happiness and blessing in the times of sorrow, and to see love in the midst of betrayal and hate.

Do this long enough and it will be conforming to you that all that is reflected in your life is exactly, and only, what you have created. Then you will not blame the Universe or other external agents for the cause of your suffering. It had always been you. All of it was only your choosing.

You will begin to see a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of all your creation – both the joys and the sorrows, you will begin to see the truth in all things!

And when you do, all your suffering will disappear, in an instant.