The great game of life

Don’t you worry and stress over the little things – or even the big things.
Stay calm and poised, and hold your ground.
This is all just one grand illusion.

It is a projection of your inner self.
It is the projection of your love potential.
All the darkness and discord you see outside is just you.
All the injustice and shame is just you.
All the pity and judgment also you.

And it is up to you to decide what you want to project in your life.
But unless you take charge of what’s happening within you,
it is very unlikely that you will be able to take charge of your circumstances.

And since you are already here in this game of life,
battling with your own version of existential crisis,
why not make it a pleasant experience?

The rules are simple of this game are fairly simple.
All you have to do is direct your mind power on the things of your desire,
and attract them into your life.

To choose the objects and experiences that your desire,
and focus all your energy upon it. See it, feel it, believe it, live it.

That’s it!

This is the great game of life.

You can have all you can wish for if you so choose.
And conversely, you can not consciously choose anything at all.
That’s the beauty of life.

You have been gifted with the mind power
to attract your own circumstances. That is the beauty of free will.

So, whether or not you choose to live your life consciously is up to you.
But never for an instant make the mistake that your circumstances are
thrust upon you by an external deity.

Live your life as you wish.
And know it is all good. You are taken care of.
This is all just a grand illusion.
And you are just here to play!

This is the great game of life!