Take the higher path

What should I do when someone attacks me?
Fight back? Or endure?


Take the higher path.
I know it is very tempting to fight back, but hold on a little longer.
Violence only begets violence.
Actions taken in a state of anger and mistrust only begets more of it.

Let it pass.
Take it to the silence and forgive them.
Oh, it requires much more strength than fighting back.
To love the other despite the hatred and betrayal.

Let it go. Forgive them and forgive yourself.
It is not worth it to lose your temper at every attack, every insult.
Let it pass. Don’t hold on to it so tightly.
In the end, you must choose your fights carefully!
Most of them aren’t worth your attention.

Your ego self would want justice, an eye for an eye,
but for once take the higher road,
take a hit but move on.
Don’t turn back to return a blow.

It’s okay.
You haven’t lost.
Let it pass.

It takes greater strength to forgive than to fight back.
So, take the higher path.

Make your choices mindful and deliberate.
Don’t just react at every little stone hurled against you.
You are stronger than that. And the stones you can keep,
for you will need them later someday.

Take the higher path.
Don’t be disheartened by unjust critics.
They will have their time.
Instead, focus on yourself and make yourself better at every step.

And if you ever feel like fighting back.
Remember this..

The best revenge is massive success. ~ Frank Sinatra

Take charge of our own states.
Don’t just let anyone unsettle your mind, and drive you
into a frenzy. Hold still, hold your ground,
and slowly move towards the vision you hold for your perfect life.

Let people say what they wish, one day they will be tired,
they will realize that they wasted so much of their life criticizing others,
never accomplishing anything worthwhile for themselves.

So, forgive them, for they do not see.
Save your pity for them, for it is what they need.

Take all of that criticism with an open heart,
knowing it’ll all turn out just fine,
while you work on yourself,
one day at a time,
while you fuel your success,
one stone at a time.

It’s all good!
Take the higher path.