Be the fire

Make your choices deliberate.
Make every thought and action deliberate.

Make every step in life deliberate –
and directed towards the vision of your highest self.

Life is too short anyway.
Don’t squander away your time fruitlessly.
Create a masterpiece out of your life.
Make your stay here matter.

Give it all you got.
Lukewarm is no good.
Burn through your fire of passion.
Make your life the adventure you seek.

Life is too short anyway.

You will cease to exist one day,
and all the things you hold so dear,
also your fears, worries, and disappointments,
all of it will one day disappear.

So why are you holding yourself back?
It doesn’t matter, and no one gives a shit.

It is only when you are so close to death
that you see the greater realities of your life.
You could have had it all.
There is nothing stopping you.

The fears you have in your mind, are not real.
And neither is the prize.
What remains is the journey, the path you took.
The life you lived!

So, make every choice deliberate.
Every thought, every action directed towards your goal.
Be committed to shaping your highest life.
While being extremely strict about squandering your time.

Every choice counts.
Every fucking choice counts.
Take the high road.
You will see what it is.

Though it peels your skin,
it does feed your soul.

All the great powers,
the treasures buried deep within you,
would never be used,
never accessed if you fail to leap out of your comfort.

Push yourself to be stronger, faster, better in every way!
Stop slacking day by day.
You are here to create the fire,
and not be the meek passerby on the side.

Rage with your passion.
Rage so bright that the world sees you shine.
Great things are on its way.
And you know you are the one who can make it happen!

So go!
Choose your highest life.
Choose health, happiness, love, and joy!
Choose your passion and follow it wherever it takes you.

Lukewarm is no good.
Be the fire.