It’s all possible

Those who don’t look for magic in their lives will never find it.
But those who do will see it at every step!

Life is much like a mirror.
Whatever you put out is exactly what is reflected.

If worry, fear, doubt, and frustration is what you have been projecting then you cannot expect circumstances other than what you have projected. It is indeed that simple. Hold yourself differently, walk differently, talk differently, do things differently – project happiness, health, joy, and abundance in everything that you do and in every step that you take regardless of your external circumstances.

The power belongs to the dreamers.
Those who see a better reality through the mist of persistent illusion.
Therefore dream. Imagine the perfect life that you want to live.
Decide to make this life a reality. Believe it is possible.
And do whatever you can at this moment to go towards it.

You don’t have to know HOW it is going to come about. You just have to know the WHAT. And if you persist in your vision, the Universe will find a way. Mysterious are the ways of the Universe.

Ask for the highest life you want to live.
What’s stopping you?

I’d say you already know what you could do to improve your life from here, how you could make more fruitful use of your time and resources to do better. And even if you didn’t I am pretty sure you could just google it out. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much. Sometimes small little actions every day is enough. It can take you way further towards your goal than perpetually waiting for the lucky break without action on your part.

You’ve got to show boldness and faith.
You’ve got to be all in.

Let the Universe show out in you. Project the good things you wish for in your life, and have faith that it is possible. Commit yourself to the vision of your perfect life and live in the magic of life.

It’s all possible.


Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets: Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!

~ William Hutchison Murray