It is possible


Don’t have time.
Don’t have money.
Don’t have energy.
Don’t have resources.

Just excuses sitting there.
Keeping you well within your comfort zone.
And away from what you really want.

There is nothing you cannot accomplish.
There is nothing you cannot do.
All you need is a why strong enough.
A desire and a passionate why behind it.

Don’t play it small, gratified by the little things,
dare to demand the greater things,
and put a dent in the universe, make your mark.

You have highly undervalued yourself.
And you know why?

It is because you have never really known yourself.
You have never had the full awareness of your innate abilities.
Your talents and skills, your strengths and uniqueness.

If you could change your life and do exactly what you wanted to do,
would you do it?

Well, you can.
Anything you can imagine is possible.
Anything that you dream of is out there waiting for you.
Therefore, dare.

However, awkward or uncomfortable may it feel,
however embarrassing and futile it may seem,
dare, get rid of your excuses and take the first step.

It is possible that on your journey you may encounter a thousand failures.
Do not be overwhelmed by them, for you get better with each.
The failures are the lessons which can help you grow.
The failures are the seeds which in the future can bear your fruits.

Choose what it is that you want.
No goal is too big.
No dream too unrealistic.
Decide what it is you want, and go after it with all your fire.

It is possible.

Your mind will come up with the most elaborate set of excuses,
as to why you cannot do it, why it is so difficult.
Especially after repeated instances of failure,
and it will ask you for a compromise, but don’t give in.

This is where great dreams are laid down for mediocrity,
and great lives disappear even before they are conceived.

Don’t give in.
Dare to dream your boldest dreams.
And make it happen.

Because it is possible.