Love without conditions

Love from an open heart.
Love without judgement.
Love without expectations.

This is all an ocean of love. We are all beings of love.
It is love which breathes life into us.
It is love which sustains us.

Love everyone and love everything.
There is nothing but love.
It is all there is.

Give thanks for all the things you love.
See the love in everything.
And see everything in love.

What men live by is just love.
The love of all things good and healthy.
The love of life and growth.

A man may see fear in his heart.
But it is not so, indeed it is not fear.
It is just the absence of love.

So build not walls around your heart.
Let love flow in as it will.
And all your fear shall disappear.

The light of love is all around us.
It is there even in the darkness.
It is there with you all the time.

What we need is a little allowing.
A little letting go, a little dropping off.
A little accepting of the soul.

Letting go of your ego.
Dropping off your assumed roles.
Surrendering to what is.

Not pushing, not pulling.
Not force, no effort, no strain.
Just allowing and learning to flow.

And all things that grow.
There is love in there that makes it happen.
There is love here, there is love now.

There is love in every dust.
In every petal, and every grain.
There is love and nothing more.

Break your heart open.
Fill it with the love of light.
Love yourself and love the other.

You are worthy, you are enough.
You are love, so you deserve love.
Teach love and be love.

One day it will all make sense.
Love from an open heart.
Love without conditions.