Your vibrational signature

All things will happen in their own accord.
You would not have to lift a finger.
It shall be done unto you.
It will be effortless.

Let it go.
Let life flow through you.
Do not push, or pull or struggle against.
Release it all and let all things come to you.

Your job is to be mindful of your emotions.
To be mindful of your feelings.
To observe it fair and square.
And assert your choosing.

Choose the good.
All the happiness, health and wealth.
And so will it be drawn unto you, in time.
Be mindful of vibrational signatures you put out.

Every moment of every second counts.
Every thought, every feeling, every breath counts.
You can completely redesign your life if you chose to.
Only that you don’t.

You are too deluded.
You are too distracted.
You have not lived a day of focus.
You have not made the essential effort.

Just sit still for a while, give up all that chase for glory.
Drop your self, your aims and ambitions still.
And surrender in peace to the all divine.
And love in your heart fill.

Let it all go.
Find that silent space within you.
The endless peace and bliss you hold.
Seek it and find, and all you’ve believed will be true.

Sit back and breath in the fresh breath of life.
The life so readily made available to you.
Create your own joy and bliss.
That which can do so few.

Life awaits you, open and fair.
It belongs to those who would dare.
Stop not in your tracks and curse the tiding.
When you can build a ship for all your riding.

Be still and observe.
Mind what you think, feel and do.
And see the vibrational story that you impart.
For as you give forth, so shall it be brought to you back.