Are you really alive?
Or are you just surviving?

If you really were living your life, you wouldn’t be complaining!
So, ask yourself, are you really alive?
Or are you just surviving?

Stop feeling so powerless.
Stop limiting yourself with tainted beliefs.
You are blessed with powers so great and astounding that you could do great, incredible things that others would call miracles. You could be a god in human form.

Yet you fail to believe in your power.
You fail to believe in yourself, in your potential, in what’s possible.

I get it.
You’ve lived among the humans far too much.
You have forgotten your divine self.
You have constructed limits as to what’s possible.
And then made yourself believe that you are not enough, that you are not worthy!

Yes, I understand.
The part about having to forget your divine-self was essential.
But now that you have, isn’t it time to reclaim your grand powers?

Stop suffering life.
It is a grand opportunity to recognize your divine potential, and once again fall in love with yourself. It is a chance to consciously become aware of your divine nature. What a great possibility it is.

What would it take to turn your life around?
What would it take to live the life of your dreams?

Whatever it is, what if I told you it is all possible within a matter of two years, or even just one, or maybe even a week or a day! One touch of the divine favor could change it all for you. That’s all it takes. And all you must do is keep believing.

Man is capable of changing his life at any moment if they so choose. But for a change to manifest, for a greater possibility to come to fruition, he must believe. He must have faith that it is all possible.

And how does a man believe in things he does not yet see?
By trusting himself, by trusting the voice from within that speaks.

You are not as powerless as you may think.
You have been gifted with great powers.
You can be, have, and do anything that you may wish.

Only that you think you can not.
Only that you think you are worth not.

It’s time to remember your divine potential.
It’s time to remember who you are, and what you can do!

Wake up!
The miracles are waiting for you!