The Present Moment

A major part of getting to where you want to go is being present. Yes, being here and now, and enjoying this moment to the full. If you are time-travelling to the past or to the future, you are kind of wasting your present. Instead, use this present moment to create anew.

Whatever feelings you are looking for, you can have them right now. Don’t let appearances cloud your judgement. Behind all your dreams, goals, and needs, there is this wanting to feel secure, or happy, joyful, abundant, loved, respected.

You think when you get to the end of a goal, you will then feel the feelings of happiness, joy, and accomplishment, and you actually will. But it won’t last for long and soon you will find yourself putting another goal before you and then you start all over again chasing greater happiness and higher accomplishment or love or whatever it is you are looking for.

There is one very fundamental lesson that I have learnt and that is – the external circumstances hardly bring lasting happiness, joy, or the feeling of love, security, and abundance. It is only from the inside that one may bring out these emotions and see it reflected in the world outside.

You could have millions of dollars, but if you are always worried about losing it all, do you really feel abundant? The feelings come first and the external realities can only support and amplify it.

If you feel doubtful and insecure about yourself now, you will only attract more circumstances that will amplify your doubt and insecurity. What is needed then first, is a conscious and deliberate change in thought and feeling. And then you shall attract the corresponding circumstances and people that match your vibe and outlook on life.

And that is why this present moment is so important. Because you can deliberately choose to think and feel what you want. It is under your power.

So use this knowledge to your advantage, and fill in as much joy, love, and ecstatic bliss as you can in your present moment. And guess what you are going to attract?

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