No more suffering

Why do you suffer?
Because you choose to.

The kind of life you want to live, someone out there is living it.
It is there for you as well, if only you would believe it possible.

This suffering is an illusion.
If you choose to, you can walk out of it any time.
The sunshine, the fresh air, the tweeting birds are out there at all times.
You need to open your windows and let the world come in.

I know it has been hard.
I know the drudgery has been overwhelming.
But you can change all of that.
Often it doesn’t take much, just one change of habit is enough.

If I were to recommend a book on that, it would be The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It speaks of how small habits can make a great change over time.

The suffering we face is mostly because our life has gone wildly out of balance. We spend too much time confused, frustrated, feeling not getting anywhere, and lost. We were taught so many things but never how to live our lives.

If you find yourself in unsatisfactory conditions, let me remind you that you have the power to change that. By first changing what is inside you. For what you see in the world outside only manifests from what is in the world inside. The external circumstances are all your creations. You cannot walk away from it, you must embrace it, learn from it, and recreate your life to your own choosing.

The chaos in your inside world, in your consciousness, is caused by the imbalance in your life – when you don’t eat right, don’t sleep right, don’t move about too much, don’t exercise; or when spend your time in low states just sitting on the couch speculating the dangers of your future, or drowned in the consumption of addictive stuff be it social media, or something other.

Snap out of it!

Easy for me to say, right?
I know how it feels when you are deep in your trenches.
You don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t even want to improve.
The pain and suffering is far too much to even notice hope.

But if you don’t make a conscious decision, like enough is enough, you will eventually destroy yourself. It is going to be hard, I agree. But you have the power to make new choices and build better circumstances for yourself. You can change EVERYTHING about you and your circumstances, nothing ever need be the same. It is up to you to decide.

If not anything else, I would suggest you read this article from James Altucher:
Luckiest Guy on the Planet

Don’t give in.
Things will change.
Good things will happen.
Open the windows, let the world come in.

No more suffering.

You can rise up from anything.
You can completely recreate yourself.
Nothing is permanent.
You’re not stuck. You have choices.
You can think new thoughts.
You can learn something new.
You can create new habits.
All that matters is that you decide today and never look back.