You have the power

Often it is a situation of the future that worries us so much now that we lose our present. It robs us of our power to create, and to deal with the appearances of worrisome conditions. What we fail to understand is that it is only an appearance, it is not real yet, but we act like it is. We take it to be the only possible outcome even though it may not be.

We have such a tough time dealing with the appearances that we lose our minds on trifling matters and continue overthinking on every small detail.

Why do we feel so powerless?
Why do we worry about every thing?
Why is there so much fear and uncertainty?

It is because we have lost faith. Not faith in gods or deities. But faith in ourselves. We take ourselves to be insignificant and powerless, while in truth each one of us is a fountain of strength and power, innate with the creative ability. We can change our own lives. Command our own circumstances. Live our lives by choice and not by accident.

But we don’t. Because we have no faith.
We cannot convince ourselves that we are able to do any of that.

Yet, there are people living, happy, joyful lives. Living the life of their dreams. They are not intimidated by the future, or the challenges in the present. Every day is like a blessing to them as they consciously design the lives they wish to live.

So now, even you should at least be aware that you are not alone. That you are taken care of. That this Universe is abundant and giving. That all your troubles are mere appearances and nothing else. That you can choose an outcome, and manifest it in your reality. That you are entitled to as many miracles as you need to turn your life around. That you are blessed and that you have the divine power of creation.

Would you still choose to worry and weep on the little things?

Broaden your sight, dream bigger dreams, & know that all will be taken care of.
Choose your own outcome, with perfect faith, beyond all appearances.

You have the power.