Be still

Learn to become still.
Stillness will lead you to peace.

Do you ever notice?
Ever notice how your mind is running all the time?
How it is draining you of your joy and inner peace?
How your psychological prison is running the show?

Take a moment to yourself.
Drop everything, suspend your commitments.

Make time for yourself.
You are more important.

Take a deep breath.
Sit still, and just be.
Let the world go by as it may.
Sit still, and give it no heed.

You are life.
And to live your life to the full, you must first know it well.
You must know who you are!

Know yourself, and you shall see that,
the circumstances which you call life,
are just a by-product of your own thinking.
It is not real. Not at all.
And that if you change your thinking,
you shall change your life.

We are so occupied with our anxieties and fears,
that we do not even realize that, in the process,
we only create more of it.
We must seek the silence once in a while, in fact, daily,
to take back the creative specter in our hands.

We must learn to be still.
So that we may snap out of our toxic states at will.

The peace and fulfillment aren’t out there.
They are within you.

If you’d only allow it they’d blossom with ease.
Be still, be still.

All the emotional baggage you have been dragging with you,
all the pain and hurt you have been hiding in you,
all the grudges you have been holding on to,
serve you no longer. It’s time to let them go.

Much easier said than done, yet it can be done!

Empty yourself of all your worries.
Allow your greatest fears to settle.
Quiet your mind.
Be still.

You will find peace.