Firefly among the stars

I see light in the depth of darkness,
I see my pain inexistent,
I lay bare chest void of all sickness,
And my eyes seek the distant.

The shine of a rock of the mountains,
The shine of the water beyond the waves,
White spread over the hollow,
Among them many a king and slaves.

I wonder how ignorant could I be,
To have missed the gifts of sight;
For the decorations are by all means done,
Waiting for all to celebrate right.

The figures of warriors, and boxes,
And shapes unknown perceived.
The lightning serves an enchanted feel,
All epics and legends believed.

Boy! O, boy! How hard to express,
The wonders of the world beyond,
The glamour, the shine, and the truth
Seen heard felt in a moment’s bond.

To live to see the day and find nested dreams,
To live to indulge in the awe of crafted dots,
O universe, touch me again with all your stars,
For I am just a firefly among your thoughts.