Kiss the world goodbye

On matters past, On regrets that lie,
On little-known truths, waiting to die,
On buried beliefs, crippled and shy,
On times present and those gone by,
I have lived again.

On dreams a many, and palace toft,
On universe and the clouds soft,
On goals too great, firm or loft,
On lost thoughts in time too oft,
I have slipped again.

The thousand eyes who judge you then,
Who test your worth, not knowing why,
Be not afraid to stand out, be laughed at,
Such times are a test but soon shall fly.
And when you have had enough of the rules,
And have had enough of every selfless lie,
You would know what you are worth,
And it’d be time to kiss the world goodbye.
To live, To see, To love, To cry,
To make the heaven in you survive.