Overriding sensual stimuli

The world you see outside is not real. It is a projection from within.
All that is happening in your reality is a result of your own projections upon events.

You cannot possibly see the truth of things around you.
You just try to construct a plausible story that complies with your past experiences and accept your judgment about how things are without looking any deeper. You blame this person, or that thing, or that cause – but trust me, as soon as you realize the fact that all things are just own creation, you will be freed from all such prejudices.

The judgments you hold in your mind about others (which are often incorrect or deduced from incomplete observation), the judgments you hold about how the world should work, the expectations you may have of life – all of this will collapse once you come face to face with the truth of your own ability, with the power and influence you hold to shape your own life and circumstances.

Let there be no unpleasant thought in your mind, and your life shall be blissful. Let there be no thought of hatred, or fear, or doubt or worry. I know it’s easy to just suggest what you should in life but I must confess that I have seen in practice that it is indeed not practical to do this in our day to day lives. We have to face a lot of stress at work, at home, driving through the traffic, making business deals, talking to clients, dealing with trolls online, etc etc. But having said that, I must also confess that I learned that it is not really what happens to us that matters, what matters is how we respond to any given situation of the day. If we choose to act out of love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding, our bliss won’t be far from us.

It is in only because we entangle ourselves so much with what’s going on around us, that we forget the cause of all our suffering only comes from the judgments, expectations, and mental models we hold in our own mind. We forget that reality outside is only a projection of our own minds. And to change what we encounter the world around us and how we perceive it, what must change is one’s own thoughts and beliefs.

Every action that you take, every word that you speak, every choice that you make, comes from a place of fear or from a place of love. It is coming from the mental framework you have been holding. Try to see the deeper truth in events, try to recognize the events as effects from a certain cause set by you.

One thing, I must assert here is that you have total and complete control of your thoughts and emotions. There is just no excuse for it. You have the complete power over what you think, and exactly how you feel. Don’t be misled by current circumstances to launch your thoughts and emotions as reflex reactions to external stimuli. Observe, pause, and create as you please. No one in the world can make you feel anything you do not want to feel. Learn to see the deeper truth in everything.

It is all a projection of what is inside you. If you were a fearless and all-encompassing being, all your negativity, your petty worries, and doubts, and judgments wouldn’t stand a chance. You wouldn’t even care about the world. You will walk with a different gait. Your eyes will see the world in a different shade. The joys of life would be eternally yours, and your soul would be complete.

The world you see outside is not real. It is a projection from within.
All that is happening in your reality is a result of your own projections upon events.


“For the man whose inner power of vision transcends the constantly distracting stimuli of the outer world, has taken charge of his own life, is truly the master of his fate.”

“The man who lives isolated from the roots of his being has cut himself off from the source of all power and seems to dwell alone and without resource in a hostile and threatening world. Let him once perceive the true nature of life and his relationship to it, and he soon sees that the world always reflects this own thoughts and making.”

(citation needed)

Life has got you

Life has got you. It wants the best for you.
It directs you to great possibilities that you might have not even imagined.
Learn to trust it. It will great wonders for you!

Let life flow through you. Allow it to draw out your destiny.
Don’t push against circumstances. Let life bring you to peace.

It’s okay to ask for things and chase after dreams. But when you ask for things and also think that you know exactly what you need to do to get what you want, that is when you lose your ability to receive direction from elsewhere. You not only seek things but you also make plans out of your present knowledge and limited imagination and restrict life to happen exactly how you expect it to. And if your plans fail you cannot conceive how your dreams may be fulfilled and soon after a point, you just choose to give up.  Life seems like a struggle and all good things seem out of reach.

You need only to ask of life what you want, not tell life how to get it for you. There is a power in the Universe, a mind which pervades all minds, an all-pervading intelligence which knows all there is to know. And upon the influence and direction of this intelligence, great geniuses have uncovered numerous truths of the Universe.

Allow the Universe to draw up the plan for reaching your dreams. It can make ways where you see none. It can show you paths and doorways where you thought none existed. Keep your eyes and ears open. It is communicating with you all the time. Get hold of the gut feeling, listen to your heart. And dare to trust it, trust the hunches, trust your intuition. There is no struggle when you allow the Universe to come into your life, it all seems to happen effortlessly. Every good thing is brought right at your doorstep, so to speak, and all ideas take fruit at their own pace but with absolute certainty.

Ask, but let life guide you. Trust it.
Life has got you.

(let go of the illusion of control)


Don’t give up.
Don’t give up on your dreams.
Don’t give up on your fantasies.

If you can imagine a higher vision than your present reality, you can very well make it your reality. It doesn’t take much. There is an incredible power within every human – the power which separates us from all other animal forms on this planet. And this power is the power of imagination. To project an ideal and to make it come alive.

The spiritual forces with which all of us are blessed can draw the resources from the ether around us and create realities grand and beautiful where none existed before. Seek the stillness, calm your thoughts and reach the state of silence where your mind is at rest. It is not an easy task, but mark my words, once you learn to conquer this state you will find the means of communication to a source of wisdom greater than you could have ever encountered before placed within your grasp.

All the things which might have seemed impossible before will seem achievable and easy under the guidance of this source of wisdom. All the dreams, and goals will look like little buds only waiting for fruition. You will feel invincible and yet at the same time humble and vulnerable.

So don’t give up on your dreams. All things are possible. You just need to become aware of how you can make it possible from the circumstances that you stand in. And this awareness doesn’t come from brute force or by coercing people and institutions to do your bidding. This awareness from the wisdom you encounter by being still.

And when you come in contact with such a power, all the worldly things, the gold, the silver, the definitions of success, even your identity will seem to be of little significance. And when you begin to identify yourself with this great power… you will get a glimpse of who you truly are.

Eternal. Limitless. Love.

Don’t give up.
Don’t give up on your dreams.
Don’t give up on your fantasies.

It is all possible.

Almost like magic

What is it that stops us from living our lives to the full?
What stops us from taking the risks?
What stops us from chasing our dreams, or from making a career change?
Why do so many of us feel powerless?

Don’t let fear stop you.
You are endowed with power beyond your grasp.
All you must do now is to take out the time to become conscious of your power.

There is a mind which is at all times under your influence, but working in the background as your subconscious. Whatever visions you feed your conscious mind gets passed on to the subconscious mind where it accepts your vision as truth and creates like thought patterns and mental models for you to act from. And based on these mental models it directs you, guides you, gives you the hunches, and shows you the way.

If you suggest to your mind a particular vision, it will accept this fact without judgment and it will do all it can do to make this vision a reality. It will direct you to take actions and influence your day-to-day decisions based on this new mental model which will eventually bring you in the way of opportunity – and all of a sudden you will begin to find yourself at the right place, at the right time. Almost like magic!

This mental power is real. Whatever you put in your mind, whether they be real or imaginary, has a lot of influence on your subconscious mind. And which in turn has a lot of influence on your actions and as a whole on the way you live your life.

So think, imagine, and believe in the good things. Fill your mind with hope and optimism. Whatever you can imagine, if you can make your mind believe it, is possible. Dream great dreams and have no doubt that it is possible. Because life is a fantastic trip, and living it as your wildest fantasy is worth the shot.

Stop complaining, take possession of your mind to make magic happen.
When you begin to see life as a blessing, it begins to feel like one.

Nuggets: Thought Power

There is no limit to the power of human thought. The more concentrated the human mind is, the more power is brought to bear on one point.

The rays of the mind are scattered in the case of the worldly-minded person. There is dissipation of mental energy in various directions. For the purpose of concentration, these scattered rays have to be gathered by the continuous practice of concentration.



Let your heart break, resist not,
It will break sooner or later,
By failure that looms small or large,
One day that life must cater.

Pain is not a foe, but a fuel,
For the greater promises that loom within,
All it needs is a faintly spark,
Enough to bring to life visions sleeping.

Look around, the life you live,
The pain you feel is nothing at all,
Dig the truth of your being,
Know there is a higher aid at your call.

Don’t hold on to pity so dearly,
Yes, agreed, you have been hurt,
But may it fire you up so colossal,
That you learn to ever soar from ashes and dirt.

What of fear?

Fear will kill you if you let it.
Fear can eat you from the inside.
Fear or faith, you have two paths.
What does in your heart reside?

You have been through pain.
You have seen the deepest of depths.
You say faith cannot be a choice.
So of your joy, you let fear commit thefts.

Remember, all reality is but a projection.
An idea of sorts, a keen expectation.
Whether you live it with faith or not,
Is, in the end, your conscious decision.

What do you have to lose?
Why do you have to fear?
It will never leave as long as you are scared.
So face them now, now dare.

For the life is on the other side, yes,
The joy, lightness, love, and good cheer.
All you need is a little courage to charge,
And you’d see the fear you feared, was never there.