At all times

This life is a glorious and wonderful opportunity.
And with every breath, you can experience this glory and wonder.

At any instant, if you so choose, you can drop all your doubts, all of your past and future and remain still in the feeling of the now. And when you do, you will find a peace so lasting and pure, a fullness so pleasantly overwhelming, that you would get a glimpse of the grounded inner peace already within you – available to you at any time. So why fear?

The greater our ego the greater is the fear, the greater our need to control the more attached we are. The baggage you carry with you is not worth it. Let go of what has gone by, and pray not dread the future, the powers of your creation far outweigh any of them.

Be still. Take a deep breath. Observe your feeling state.
The energy you put out into the Universe is the one you are going to attract. So do not waste your present feeling bad about the past or anxious about the future, for you are only going to attract what you put out.

Live in high spirits. See the wonders of this world, this body that you are gifted with, the people in your life, the stories that make you who you are. There is nothing you are required to do in life. Do what you like, spread some smiles, make others lives better. For eternal love is always with you. The air you breathe, the blue skies you see, the grass you walk upon, all are quietly loving you back. This earth and all its entities are alive – and they stem from the same source as you do.

You are a unique drop of the Universal Consciousness, timeless, limitless, endless.
And your powers beyond your human comprehension.

Be still. Take a deep breath. Observe your feeling state.
Your inner peace awaits you. It is there with you at all times.

Nuggets: Celebrate your life

Celebrate your life. Celebrate it.
Spread as much good energy as you can, to as many people as you can.

Each day is a gift and it is up to you to make it come alive!
Live, laugh, sing, dance, and do all that you can to express your pure joyful self.

Don’t wait for life to happen. Make life happen.
Don’t wait until the end of your life to discover that you’ve never really lived.
Live your life today!

The life within you seeks expression in a thousand ways.
Don’t suppress it. Live it up.

It is you becoming a channel of the good energy that all good things, people and circumstances are attracted to you. Express more life and make good!

Celebrate this day!

Life has you

The pain, the suffering, needn’t be there if you would only dwell upon bliss.
The Universe is taking care of you. It will not leave your side.

All the pain and fear you harbour within you are just illusions and have no power to themselves in reality. It is only when you invest your emotions, and heart and soul into circumstances that you lose your footing on of life. Your experience of life becomes unbearable and you seek escapes.

Things happen, I am not denying that. A lot of tragedies happen, I do agree. But the mark of wisdom in any individual, and thus the outcome of his/her fate is decided by his/her response to a circumstance, however catastrophic.

Life has you.
It is time you begin to trust it, little by little.
Don’t push and pull against circumstances. Learn to go with the flow of life. And you will see that life’s surprises will be greater than any grand dream you could have imagined.

Stop victimizing yourself. Enough of that.
Give off the good energy on to others. Make people feel loved and cherished when in your presence and smile a little more. Focus on being the most amazing person you can be. Live in high spirits, live, laugh and share!

What’s stopping you?

Before your future can resemble anything you dream of, you must first learn to live out your present to the full. It is because you worry about your future you also destroy your present.

The wise men have a funny way to make us understand the flow of life. That whatever is destined, whatever is preordained is bound to find expression on this earth plane, and there is nothing in your power to change it. It is already decided. There is no thought you can think that is not preordained. There is no action you can take that is not preordained. All things will happen naturally whether or not your plans include them. So stop trying to make things happen, and settle into bliss. All the fear, all the doubt, all of the expectations, there are just traps. Life is now! Life is today! Live it while you truly can.

Dwell in bliss. Life has you!
It’s time you learned to trust it.

Go for it

You have got to have a little trust in the Universe.
You have got to ease in a little bit.
You have got to smile more and have more fun.
You have got to trust that it is all going to turn out okay!

We are not here by coincidence. We are here because we chose to be here. Because it is where we learn, where we grow. This is our playground, and all of this world is one grand play. We choose what roles we want to play, we choose what costumes would suit us, we choose other supporting characters in our lives and almost everything else. It is all our choosing, whether consciously or otherwise.

It is all your choosing! Don’t think that you are sent here governed by the whims and fancies of fate, without any will or powers of your own. Who you are is a unity much greater, greater than any fate can govern, mistreat, or abuse. You are sent here as a child of the Universe with all the potential there could ever be.

Men are not powerless. They are endowed with a great many gifts. And one of the greatest gifts given to man is his power to take possession of his own mind and direct it to the ends of his desire. This is called Mindpower. The power to concentrate and focus on any goal or objective and making it come alive in the world of possibilities.

This power is very real.
And it is not only for the chosen few, it is given to every one of us!
Only that we are mostly unaware of it, and hardly ever make use of it.

What is it you want from life?
What is it that you dream of?
What destiny are you waiting to live out?

Whatever it is, it is possible!
Believe in yourself, it is possible for you!

Use your Mindpower. See your dream through the veils interrupting reality and move towards it one step at a time. You are sent here as a child of the Universe with all the potential there could ever be. Do you see the roadblocks or the many possibilities?

Don’t think about what if it doesn’t, think about what if it does.

You have got to ease in a little bit.
You have got to smile more and have more fun.
You have got to have a little trust in the Universe.
You have got to trust that it is all going to turn out okay!

Go for it!

Nuggets: Be still

Be still.
Life is trying to communicate with you.
It is willing to hand you all the secrets.
Just be still, be willing to listen.
It speaks to all, and it speaks to you.

Be still.
And allow the grace of the Universe to come get you!
Your future self will thank you for it.

Be still.

Five mangoes short

He waited by his garden,
Ready to receive and thus give,
The boys were ready too,
The joys of sweet life to live.

The old man gathered some,
And sat by them with hearty joy,
Picked up one and took a bite,
before sharing them with each boy.

Sweet mangoes of the season,
The boys ran through the gate,
Looked neither right nor left,
Jumped on the pile, straight.

The boys filled their pockets,
Thanked the old man,
Gathered yet some more,
Then off they ran.

All the mangoes were gone,
Raided by them pirates of delight,
Save the mango in the old man’s hand,
Waiting for that one last bite.

The old man savoured his last,
And walked in slowly through the gate,
A feeble boy, slow in his march,
And for the mangoes, too late.

Only the seed of the mango lay,
Now on the old man’s palm,
The boy looked at him, disappointed,
Yet the old man smiled back with calm.

The old man offered the seed,
The boy looked puzzled, hurt.
All the others five mangoes,
And all I get is dirt.

He refused the mango seed,
And thus made his way back,
The old man sat some more,
How the boy only saw his lack. 

The sun was red to the brim,
The old man prepared to leave,
But now he saw yet another,
Limping into the garden weave.

That’s all I have left this year.
The old man yet again offered his seed.
The boy smiled wide, thanked the man,
And playfully to his home took the seed.

A seed worth more than a pocketful,
More than dirt, more than years of pain.
It is in the spirit of a man,
Where one sees dirt, the other, gain.

Five mangoes may fill you for a day,
But a seed will guide you through strife.
Five mangoes may be a gift momentary,
But a seed will feed you for life.


“And only the worthy shall have the heart to accept the seed.”

Shine on

The Universe is communicating with you all the time. It is guiding you through your experiences. The Universe knows your best interests and is nudging you towards it through your life experiences. Whatever they may be, the Universe is still always looking over you and taking care of you.

There is nothing you have to do, there is nothing you have to be, just live your life as truly as you can. Have fun and do what your heart tells you to. Life is an amazing journey, it has gifts for you at every step, just live it to the full and don’t allow a moment of gloom in your experience.

It is only because you entertain negative and conflicting thoughts and emotions in our being that you suffer so much. If you could live your life with the spirit of abandon like a child, your life would be so much different and fun!

There is conflict between people, states, and ideologies, not because they are different by their own nature, but because there is a lack of communication and understanding between them. We are all part of the One and the same.

Before anything else changes outside, you must realize the fundamental Truth of all things that we come from the same Source. And that will give you the courage to be open, to be vulnerable, to communicate fearlessly with others and simply live with joy and abandon, and with goodwill for one and all.

The Universe is on your side. Take the first step to understand the nature of life and all its creation, and you will understand more about yourself. And as you do, you will gradually be freed from all the limiting constraints of this world, which had in the past might have held you back from expressing your true authentic self.

Live this journey well, live, laugh, share, and be open, happy, giving, and forgiving – well as much as you can – and you will find the gifts hidden in every moment. There is nothing you have to do, there is nothing you have to be, just live your life as truly as you can. Remember, the Universe knows your best interests and is nudging you towards it through your life experiences. And whatever they may be, the Universe is looking over you and taking care of you at all times. Fear not. Go forth and shine as bright as you can.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

~ Marianne Williamson