What you see not

See the stars shine above and beyond,
Hear the wind whisper without a sound,
Feel the earth breathe slow and heavy,
And the Universe at your command ready!

The powers so great we cannot fathom,
The gifts precious and we see none o’ them,
We remain asleep, distracted in our mind,
chasing an illusion, forsaking the good and kind.

One is not kept far from the Truth ever,
It is in the simplest joys if we can savor,
So go see the stars above and beyond,
And hear the wind whisper without a sound.

Know, the fear in our hearts will keep us down,
As long as love in its stead is not sown,
Keep the faith alive against all worldly erosion,
Just look out or within, behold the Universe in motion.


And there it is the life of life,
the thing of all things,
the ruler of the land and seas,
the king of all kings.

It is elusive but ever present,
yes, many sense it true,
and many others who never do,
who live without a clue.

The thing of all things,
the life of life,
is actually not a thing at all,
and to find, a strife.

Yet once you somehow find,
you will with joy discover,
that this endless love survives,
in every nook and corner.

Small wins

I have something important to tell you.
It’s about you. If you have the patience to read this even after going through shit for so long, hold on for a bit longer.

There is a Universal force out there, that flows within us, and with and through us. It is sensitive to our thoughts and emotions to the highest degree. This life force within us seeks to express itself through us. It is ever whispering to us, giving us hope, showing us visions, leading us to a better life, helping us grow. This life force is within you! It is gentle and it is delicate, yet it is powerful beyond measure.

Do you even understand this? This thing that you call life, the soul, the Self, the thing that keeps your heart beating is within you. You are not the body, neither the mind, you are the pure soul residing in a body and functioning with a mind. It’s urge to express more life is ever directing you, ever pushing you towards your highest self. Are you paying attention?

Stop resisting. Be still and listen to the whispers. Your greatness awaits you. Your soul knows that nothing is impossible. But your mind has you fooled, it shows you that limitations are real. If you’d only show some faith you’d know the truth. And all things will become possible.

Set a goal, anything at all. And go ahead with full force and make it happen. It doesn’t have to be a big goal. It can small and simple. Go for a small win. And do it again and again. Because in the end, the big win is only all of these small wins put together.

Go forth. The life force is within you. It will help you along. Make a decision. Focus on a goal, and make it happen amidst a thousand distractions. If you are indeed tired of playing small, this is your chance to right all the wrongs. Start now.

Small wins.

Far off lands

I travelled to far off lands
Searching to find the distance.
Have walked on ice, treaded on cliffs,
Have suffered, have been bruised.
But the further I went, farther was the I.

I travelled to far off lands in hope
Wanting to see, know many people.
I yearned for the wonders and the truth,
Always, looking out into the world,
as the moments passed away.

I came back home with my memories,
And a little disappointment too.
Of all the things I had gathered,
And all the things I was, for certain I knew,
From all of what I saw, from all of what I did endure.

I came back home tired of the journey,
Dropped my baggage in despair.
But lighter that I felt, released and content,
Headed for my lovely bed.
And of all the distance travelled
At nothing, I found myself again.

Nuggets: Feelings

Just a thought, if there were no words and we could only communicate with feelings, what are you currently telling the Universe?

From what I understand, the Universe doesn’t respond to words but to feelings. So we can say “I am rich” as many times as we like but we won’t experience wealth if we don’t feel that we are rich. Pay attention to the feeling you get when you think about what you are trying to attract. Try to resolve it if it doesn’t align with your intentions.

From reddit /r/lawofattraction

Nuggets: The Fabric of the Universe

Every thought is an interaction of the individual mind upon the Universal Mind. And with every thought, we bend the fabric of the Universe just a tiny little bit which allows for the embodiment of the thought.

And as the Universal Mind pervades all space and animates all living things, our thoughts have the potential to impact all space and time moment by moment.

We live in a sea of fathomless plastic mind substance. It is sensitive to the highest degree. Think strong thoughts. Attach deep emotions to them. And pervade all time and space to make possible realities unimaginable and wonders inconceivable.

Nuggets: Give

Give openly, freely, easily, and enjoyably. Give even when you think you have nothing to give – and you’ll discover that there is an ocean of abundance inside you and around you. Life is always happening for you, not to you. Appreciate that gift, and you are wealthy.

The secret to living is giving.