If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you.

Let the others use their ploys. Let them say whatever they want about you. Let them defame you, put you down, or ridicule you. Don’t give in to them.

The world outside reflects only your own thoughts, choices, decisions, and actions. If the world within you is peaceful and harmonious, so will your reality be. The others cannot hurt you, they cannot even rattle you a bit. Build your strength on the inside. Let go of the fear and shame, and doubt and guilt you’re holding onto and be free.

Believe in yourself, even if no one else does. Remember this, the only one person who needs to believe in you is you. That’s all that matters. You are born on earth not to just survive, you are born to do great things, you are born to realize the precious dreams that you have been gifted with, you are born to be a miracle!

And when did you stop believing that?
It’s alright. We all get lost in life. But life never stops guiding us.

It is always there communicating with you at all times. It is the little voice inside you that you have suppressed with your judgements and conclusions, and have bound it to limits.

You have not the faintest idea of your potential and innate abilities. What you see on the outside is just an illusion to what is actually possible. The Universe is magical, it indeed is. And we are living, breathing, samples of the Universe itself.

This life is a gift. And you are endowed with great powers beyond worldly comprehension. Do not be distracted any longer, build the world within you. Imagine, see, believe, and create the life you desire. And indeed, make magic happen!

What you create within you, is what blooms in the world around you.
Recreate your world from the inside.

You must be obsessed

You must be obsessed.

If you kinda want it, you will kinda get it.
If you absolutely definitely want it, you will absolutely definitely get it.

What’s stopping you?
What excuses do you have for today?

No excuse is good enough.
I know you might be feeling overwhelmed. You might be feeling powerless, or helpless. But you must know that there is always a way out. You have to be committed. You can’t let your dreams take second place to anything else.

Just look at all the other things you say ‘yes’ to while suspending your dreams further into the future. You have to be ruthless in your discipline. You have to build great habits and become their slave. You must be obsessed.

Greatness takes a lot of sacrifices. But it is worth a billion times over.
Give entirely of yourself to this day, so that you may have a glimpse of greatness tomorrow. Work harder, cut out the distractions, grind like your life depends on it. And you will succeed.

You must be obsessed.

Set your goals. Believe in them, and make it happen.
It is only by your actions, your striving, towards your aim, that you call forth the favour of fortune. Nothing is too big. Nothing is too mythic to achieve. All things are possible, now that you have come so far.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The miracles you seek cannot take place unless you believe they are possible.
And to believe they are possible you must be steady in your commitment to your dreams. It is by putting in the work that you show your commitment, that you display your faith which will call in the aid of serendipity.

What you’ve dreamed of is out there. It is waiting for you.
So choose your priorities, be obsessed, make it happen!

The good things

It’s like I have forgotten all the good things in life that makes me question the futility of this magnificent life probably because I have been focussing too much on all the sorry things of life instead of the good, the worthy, the life-giving. And since our life becomes what we focus on, I just realized that I have been making mental thought patterns based on the belief that life was meaningless. And as my thought patterns reflect on my actions, that is what I have been constructing in my future lately. Hmm. Sad.

So, today’s rant is going to be about all the good things in life.
So, can you imagine a better life for you?
If you can imagine it, know that you can also have it.

If you can imagine lasting peace, happiness, fulfillment and joy.
You can have it too.

What is the idea of your perfect life?
The thing to acknowledge first is that I can never know what I need in my life.
I can only know what I want, and often may be the exact opposite of what I need.

But I have little by little began to trust life. I have little by little began to notice my destructive thought patterns, and have been trying to replace them with all the good things in life. I hope this trip is worthwhile.

Now, coming back to the idea of my perfect life, I think I would like to travel the world, the pyramids, the temple of Abu Simbel, Paris, Iceland (watch the Northern Lights), Antarctica (play with the penguins), Bali (run barefoot on the white beaches, go fishing, laugh hard, get massages, relax, sip on tropical juice while watching the sunset). To have great experiences, to read good books, to wear good clothes, to eat good food from all around the world, to be a part of the great festivals of all people and to simply celebrate life. So that at the end of my time I can proudly say that I had a great time.

There is so much good food out there that I haven’t tasted yet.
There is music that I haven’t heard yet, sights I haven’t seen yet.
I want to fill my soul with all the creation of the Universe and feel fulfilled with its grand, all-encompassing, limitless beauty.

I do not want to sleepwalk anymore. I want to live. I want to truly live.
I want to live my life. In its fullness!

And feel love, for this precious gift.
And more importantly, even more than knowing, I want to experience the truth.
The bliss of eternal harmony, of radiant ecstasy.

Let life fill me. :)

An ocean of life to be lived

There is an ocean of life to be lived.
Great adventures to survive.
To feel what it feels to be really alive.

Yet we stick to our corners in safety.
Holding onto sugarcoated lifelessness.
Trying to exist in our quiet helplessness.

It’s time to come out. It’s time feel alive.
It’s time to shine with all your might.
Things and life are for you, all of it!

If you but push the boundaries a little.
You will see them fall apart.
And surely so, you will see beyond.

Be a little brave. Strive a little further.
Be willing to push your frontiers of comfort.
For the great things within you, that you must see!

At all times

This life is a glorious and wonderful opportunity.
And with every breath, you can experience this glory and wonder.

At any instant, if you so choose, you can drop all your doubts, all of your past and future and remain still in the feeling of the now. And when you do, you will find a peace so lasting and pure, a fullness so pleasantly overwhelming, that you would get a glimpse of the grounded inner peace already within you – available to you at any time. So why fear?

The greater our ego the greater is the fear, the greater our need to control the more attached we are. The baggage you carry with you is not worth it. Let go of what has gone by, and pray not dread the future, the powers of your creation far outweigh any of them.

Be still. Take a deep breath. Observe your feeling state.
The energy you put out into the Universe is the one you are going to attract. So do not waste your present feeling bad about the past or anxious about the future, for you are only going to attract what you put out.

Live in high spirits. See the wonders of this world, this body that you are gifted with, the people in your life, the stories that make you who you are. There is nothing you are required to do in life. Do what you like, spread some smiles, make others lives better. For eternal love is always with you. The air you breathe, the blue skies you see, the grass you walk upon, all are quietly loving you back. This earth and all its entities are alive – and they stem from the same source as you do.

You are a unique drop of the Universal Consciousness, timeless, limitless, endless.
And your powers beyond your human comprehension.

Be still. Take a deep breath. Observe your feeling state.
Your inner peace awaits you. It is there with you at all times.

Nuggets: Celebrate your life

Celebrate your life. Celebrate it.
Spread as much good energy as you can, to as many people as you can.

Each day is a gift and it is up to you to make it come alive!
Live, laugh, sing, dance, and do all that you can to express your pure joyful self.

Don’t wait for life to happen. Make life happen.
Don’t wait until the end of your life to discover that you’ve never really lived.
Live your life today!

The life within you seeks expression in a thousand ways.
Don’t suppress it. Live it up.

It is you becoming a channel of the good energy that all good things, people and circumstances are attracted to you. Express more life and make good!

Celebrate this day!

Life has you

The pain, the suffering, needn’t be there if you would only dwell upon bliss.
The Universe is taking care of you. It will not leave your side.

All the pain and fear you harbour within you are just illusions and have no power to themselves in reality. It is only when you invest your emotions, and heart and soul into circumstances that you lose your footing on of life. Your experience of life becomes unbearable and you seek escapes.

Things happen, I am not denying that. A lot of tragedies happen, I do agree. But the mark of wisdom in any individual, and thus the outcome of his/her fate is decided by his/her response to a circumstance, however catastrophic.

Life has you.
It is time you begin to trust it, little by little.
Don’t push and pull against circumstances. Learn to go with the flow of life. And you will see that life’s surprises will be greater than any grand dream you could have imagined.

Stop victimizing yourself. Enough of that.
Give off the good energy on to others. Make people feel loved and cherished when in your presence and smile a little more. Focus on being the most amazing person you can be. Live in high spirits, live, laugh and share!

What’s stopping you?

Before your future can resemble anything you dream of, you must first learn to live out your present to the full. It is because you worry about your future you also destroy your present.

The wise men have a funny way to make us understand the flow of life. That whatever is destined, whatever is preordained is bound to find expression on this earth plane, and there is nothing in your power to change it. It is already decided. There is no thought you can think that is not preordained. There is no action you can take that is not preordained. All things will happen naturally whether or not your plans include them. So stop trying to make things happen, and settle into bliss. All the fear, all the doubt, all of the expectations, there are just traps. Life is now! Life is today! Live it while you truly can.

Dwell in bliss. Life has you!
It’s time you learned to trust it.