Look to yourself

The circumstances that come to you are only drawn to you by your actions upon your environment – the people and events around you. And your actions correspond to all the fears, beliefs, limitations and doubts within you.

And challenging situations will keep showing up in your life until you learn from it; until you realize that you are the cause, and you alone have the absolute power to change it. If there is a situation in your life you would like to change, first look within yourself. It is more likely that you attract these circumstances by your own actions than by any random unrelated cause, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The fears you hold within you manifest in your actions, and as like actions will only produce like results, you manifest corresponding circumstances in your life.

You have to become aware of your power. You have to understand that there is no glory or good comfort in hiding in the shadow. Please stop holding onto fear, mediocrity, all that ass-kissing, or onto any threat, that you might fear in your life. You are at all times to remind yourself that you are indeed greater than all your problems and fears.

Trust yourself. Yes, you will make mistakes. But be out there. State you truths, and express yourself. If you don’t venture beyond your comfort, you will never make any gain. Say the truth even if your voice shakes. Be authentic and be bold.

It is your spirit, your attitude towards life and things, that draws people – and thus opportunities – to you. And it is your own thoughts and beliefs about yourself that determines your attitude towards all things in life.

So don’t blame this or that, don’t point to the other person for having done you wrong. You are the person who gave them the courage to do so. Your attitude, your hidden expectations, your unwillingness to fight back, your fears of being unloved, unaccepted, harmed and humiliated all seep into your attitude and action, and others find it easy to take advantage of that for their benefit. Even for circumstances which do not involve other people, your own thoughts and actions are the driving forces which prepare the soil upon which all your pain and misfortune take fruit.

So, on this day, stand firm and take responsibility for yourself, of your life and circumstances. And before looking out for causes in the external, look within and mend yourself – you will have come much further. The circumstances that come to you are only drawn to you by your own attitude and actions upon your environment. And you alone have the absolute power to hold yourself to all the great things you know you deserve.

“There is a power which never fails to present opportunity to the Advancing Man.”

Mental habits

Thought is creative.

Whatever you think about leaves a strong impression on your subconscious mind based on which it influences and directs your actions. And when you continuously impress your mind with thoughts of all kinds of lack, misfortune, loss, and failure, your actions follow the foundation in your mind of that of a miserable and defeated person. You radiate your energy of smallness, insignificance, unimportance, defeat, and failure and attract similar people to you – and thus, similar circumstances. Therefore, by your faulty practice of thought, you attract and somewhat determine your own life events and circumstances.

Change your thought, Change your perspective, about yourself, about life, and everything changes. You talk differently. You walk differently. You deal with people differently, and you radiate the strength of your life force and determined purpose in life.

Don’t play small. Enough have you waited by the sidelines. Think big. Dream big. Think high of yourself and don’t you ever sell yourself short.

Before anyone else stops judging you, you have to stop judging you!

It’s time to take the center stage. You don’t need permission from anyone. Just walk in. Life is just a stage, walk in there and do your thing!

Take a good look at your choices. Are you just putting out fires from bad decisions, or are you raging with the fire of passion? Are you going ahead with your dreams and lofty, impossible goals, or are you giving into the judgments of the world and settling for a life beneath the what is?

Remember, you create your own world as you go along.
Enough of this ass-kissing, man up and do your shit!
What are you afraid of?

Fear, criticism, rejection, doubt, worry are only as real as you take them to be!
Change your thought. And you change your world. Pay keen attention to your mental habits and practice, practice, practice, until you get hold of your mind and are able to think exactly what you want to think. Because thought is creative – and with it, you attract the world you create in your mind.

Stop playing small. Stop judging yourself, and selling yourself short. Your mind will believe you whatever you feed it! Therefore, feed it well. Think great, empowering, strong, life-giving, creative thoughts and make your world as you go along!

Mental habits.


Thought works no magic transformations; it obeys natural laws; it sets in motion natural forces; it releases natural energies; it manifests in your conduct and actions, and these, in turn, react upon your friends and acquaintances, and eventually upon the whole of your environment. ~ From The Mastery Key by Charles F. Haanel

See beyond the obvious

When you are struggling, be grateful.
When you are doubtful, be grateful.
When you are sad, be grateful.
When you are in pain, be grateful.

Be grateful that you are conscious to acknowledge how you feel.
Be grateful that you are alive, and have the power to change things.
These fleeting emotions do not define who you are anyway.

Yes, there will be days when things don’t go your way.
Well, it is not supposed to. If everything went your way – your spiritual growth would come to a standstill. If everything you wanted manifested right here and now, if every great fantasy you imagined came true right now, indeed you would be thrilled and excited but that will only be momentary, and the joy of achieving them will slip away as fast as it came. It is not the prize at the end that matters. It is the journey you go through that makes the prize worth so much. It is the hurdles in the path and how you overcome them that truly changes who you are – not the prize at the end.

The prize is you. The person you become at the end of your journey!
All the other gains are only a consolation, the true prize is you.

So when you are going through a lot, just remind yourself that you are doing your best, and so is everyone else. Everyone has their own struggles, their own insecurities, their own doubts, and fears. Everyone is growing a little every day. Don’t shy away from your challenges or condemn them, persist a little further and turn them into opportunities.

Life has got you. You are doing great.
Just keep going, one step ahead of the other and you will reach the purpose of your journey. It’s all good. Be grateful where you are. Be grateful for what you can. It will bring you the light to go forward.

Feel the future in the present

“What you seek, is seeking you!”

You have to feel your future in the present.
The feeling state is what you are truly after, not the things themselves.
It is the feeling, the emotion, you seek not the things themselves.

You want to be successful because you want everyone to love and respect you. In other words, you want to feel loved and respected. You want to travel the world so that you can experience the wonders and feel amazed, bewildered, surprised.

The emotions are things we truly seek. We do what we do so that we may feel a certain way. Whatever your goals may be, in the end, it is only after having accomplished them that you expect to feel a certain way – which makes all the difference.

Think about it.

How’d it feel like to be accomplished, validated, respected, and loved?
Wouldn’t life be so much better?

Well, it can be so right now if you so choose.

Feel your desired objective as an already accomplished fact.
Imagine it vividly in your mind.
Make it as real as possible.
Feel it in the present.

Because that is what you are actually after – the feeling state.
All that you seek outside is here and now.
Feel it, believe it, and it will show up!

That’s all there is to it.

We are so hung up on the minutiae that we completely miss the fact that it is indeed possible to transmute any vision into a reality just by immersing ourselves in the feeling state of having already realized it.

Let the future come when it may.
But take full enjoyment of your ideal in the present.
Impress grand visions of your ideal on your conscious mind.
And by and by you will see your choices and actions reflect your visions.
Then inevitably your ideal life will develop right before you – waiting for you to step in!

You have to feel the future in the present.

Remember, it is the feeling state that you are truly after, not the things themselves. So be a little delusional and imagine them and live them right now in the present, and feel the emotions that you so long to experience – right now. Feel accomplished, validated, respected, and loved – and thus you shall attract more of them to yourself!

Live your best life – now!

Brick by brick

It starts with an image in your head, a vision. It may be a small thing, it may be something you’ve dreaming about for years. But always it starts with a set image in your mind. That is where empires are made and broken.

Your actions today may seem futile on the grand scale of things. But remember this fact, that every efficient action leads to greater cumulative success. Don’t look to this day feeling that your single step is too small to scale the mountain. Look to this day believing that your single determined step will cause the forces of the Universe to align themselves to aid you in your journey. Be focused and determined and the winds of favor shall blow your way and take you places you could have never imagined.

Every oak had to start as an acorn. Every giant tree had to once start only as a seed. It is the urge of the seed to grow, to become more than what it currently is that pulls the resources of the Universe to it. And so it is with you. When you have a vision of an ideal, and when this vision becomes an obsession, and the urge is strong – knowingly or unknowingly you attract the resources of the Universe towards you. So many times you seem to be at the right place at the right time. And through so many serendipitous events all things seem to fall into place in favorable equivalence to your vision.

To have a vision held steady in your mind, and to take any step possible in your power to make it come alive. Don’t wait for life to happen to you, you happen to life!

Hold on to your vision and go after it no matter the odds, the Universe will stretch out its hands and do great wonders for you – often when you’d least expect it!

Do the hoody hoo

Time is slipping by.
Are you paying attention?
Time is slipping by.
Are you taking action?

Life will pass by you before you’d know it.
It will go forward and leave you looking back on your days.
So make it count. Make today something worth your time.

Life is too short.
Not one day are you going get back from your past.
And not even this day that passes by.
So make it count. And do what makes you come alive.

Dare to dream.
Stop buying into judgments.
Stop walking the worn paths of mediocrity.
Stop compromising on all the things that matter to you.

You’ll be dead soon anyway, why not do the hoody hoo?
If it scares you, good.
If your heart beats faster taking a risk, excellent.
If you dare to take on a great challenge, even better.

Ask yourself, are you living at all?
Or are you going through compulsions?

Stop sleepwalking.
You are an ocean of potential, seeking a grand expression.
And here you are down and out, feeling powerless and broken.

Stand for yourself.
Stand for your dreams.
Take a stand with every thought, emotion, and action.
It is okay to get distracted but it is not okay to give up.

Fail a thousand times, but try again.
Make the ask. Do the chore.
Live your life with intensity, passion, and conviction.
All the good things are waiting for you.

And once you recognize what’s stopping you, you will never be the same.
Half your battles will be won, for you will have no fear.
No fear.
No fear of failure.
No fear of rejection.

So make the inquiry, seek your potential.
And stop accepting the judgments of others as commandments.
The Truth is simple. It will free your heart.

And all you must do is – act, to stretch out to realize your highest potential.
To dream more, and push yourself, even beyond your comfort zone.
For I delude you not, all good things are waiting for you.
What are you waiting for?

Dream. Fail. Stand. Live.

Are you paying attention?
Time is slipping by.

Like magic

What do you want?
What do you want from life?

Lots of money? Big house? All the fine clothes?
What exactly do you need to become enthusiastic about this life?

Write it down. Write down the vision of your best life.
When you have it all down I want you to imagine this life for a minute.
I want you to be immersed in this vision of yours (in imagination). I want you to see the things you’d want to see and feel the things you’d want to feel. I want you to forget your current reality and completely believe this daydream as if it were real.

Do this. Once. Twice. Or maybe a couple more times.
And see the world around you shift for good.
See things happen like never before. Like magic.

The world outside is simply a reflection of your inner self. And when you make yourself lively, joyful and beautiful, the world simply reflects the same. You are a victim of your own thoughts, beliefs, and judgments. Let go of them, and all things shall fall into place for your greatest good. Fears, insecurities, and doubts are unconsciously created by you. If you do not create them, they do not exist. And once you have your own doubts/limiting beliefs out of the way, there is simply nothing you cannot accomplish.

Purify your thoughts so that your actions may be true and fruitful. Allow fear to leave your heart and make peace with the circumstances – because, after all, they are subject to change, and more importantly because you are in control. Here’s the thing, your vision concentrated upon becomes a reality. Whatever you impress upon your mind over and over, you bring about in your circumstances. Impress health and well-being in your consciousness and so shall you have. So dwell in your dreams, think of them as often as you can, immerse yourself as much as you can – see it, feel it, believe it and take full enjoyment in the present, and watch the Universe draw it out in your reality.

Like magic.