You can conquer the world with love.
For love can dissolve all differences, love can dissolve all separation.

The conflicts in this world only exist because of the concept of separation. This fear and hatred for one another, the differences in ideologies, beliefs, and practices born only out of the absence of love.

Choose love.
Choose it at every step.
Choose it even if you are wronged.

You are not doing it for the other, but you are doing it for yourself.
Let love dissolve the shame, resentment, and anger within you.
Let love dissolve all that emotional baggage you have been carrying around.

Drop your burdens and walk free.

Life should really be a joyful ride.
Yet so many have lost their way and living in despair.
Waiting for a miracle to happen to them.

But little do they realize that they are the miracle. That they can, by will, choose the life they want to live and have the good things they want to have simply by feeling the feelings of love and appreciation for those things and circumstances.

It’s that simple. Love is the answer.
Love yourself and love the other, no matter what.

The world within you, fill it with love, joy, and fulfillment, and then you will see the same reflected in the world outside. Choose love at every step.

Love yourself so radically regardless of what others tell you or how others treat you and see your life change for the better. We are all intrinsically seeking love and validation from others in one form or another. And it is here that we must do our work – with our own selves. To fill ourselves with so much love that we cannot help but overflow and brush off our love, joy, and happiness onto others.

Choose love.
Let yourself go.
Let love dissolve the shame, resentment, and anger within you.
Let love dissolve all that emotional baggage you have been carrying around.

And watch miracles materialize in your life.

The great game of life

Don’t you worry and stress over the little things – or even the big things.
Stay calm and poised, and hold your ground.
This is all just one grand illusion.

It is a projection of your inner self.
It is the projection of your love potential.
All the darkness and discord you see outside is just you.
All the injustice and shame is just you.
All the pity and judgment also you.

And it is up to you to decide what you want to project in your life.
But unless you take charge of what’s happening within you,
it is very unlikely that you will be able to take charge of your circumstances.

And since you are already here in this game of life,
battling with your own version of existential crisis,
why not make it a pleasant experience?

The rules are simple of this game are fairly simple.
All you have to do is direct your mind power on the things of your desire,
and attract them into your life.

To choose the objects and experiences that your desire,
and focus all your energy upon it. See it, feel it, believe it, live it.

That’s it!

This is the great game of life.

You can have all you can wish for if you so choose.
And conversely, you can not consciously choose anything at all.
That’s the beauty of life.

You have been gifted with the mind power
to attract your own circumstances. That is the beauty of free will.

So, whether or not you choose to live your life consciously is up to you.
But never for an instant make the mistake that your circumstances are
thrust upon you by an external deity.

Live your life as you wish.
And know it is all good. You are taken care of.
This is all just a grand illusion.
And you are just here to play!

This is the great game of life!

To see the truth in all things

How do I overcome the daily disappointments and be focussed in the praise of the Universe and its blessings? How can I look at everything with gratefulness when life feels like a suffering?


It is not that people laugh and smile because they are happy, it is because they laugh and smile that they are happy. But how can anyone laugh and smile when everything around them feels so painful and limiting?

By seeing the truth in all things. Feelings are just like visitors, let them come and go. Do not attach yourself to them. You have the power at any moment to come into any vibration of your choosing – don’t let it be of fear, doubt, frustration, anger, impatience, guilt, helplessness, of betrayal or victimhood.

This is your practice ground, the physical life you live as humans of flesh and blood. To attain understandings higher spiritual realms you must exercise your powers here on your playground of growth – and exercise control of your physical and mental states. You are a little god, learning to become One with All. When you understand this, you will no longer have such questions for you will see begin to see the truth in all things.

The emotional rollercoaster you go through is the necessary barrier that you must overcome to access the spiritual. It is only when you are able to command your emotions and become a master over your mind that you are given access to the spiritual realm and the stewardship of the powers and abilities that come with it.

Listen, there will always be ups and downs in life, there will be joys and there will be grave disappointments, but the only way you can see through all of it and be unaffected by its turmoils – is to become a master of it. To master your states, physical and emotional. To be deliberate in your command of every thought and feeling that you give birth to – regardless of your present external circumstances.

To hold yourself in wealth in the midst of poverty, to affirm great health in the midst of illness, to see happiness and blessing in the times of sorrow, and to see love in the midst of betrayal and hate.

Do this long enough and it will be conforming to you that all that is reflected in your life is exactly, and only, what you have created. Then you will not blame the Universe or other external agents for the cause of your suffering. It had always been you. All of it was only your choosing.

You will begin to see a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of all your creation – both the joys and the sorrows, you will begin to see the truth in all things!

And when you do, all your suffering will disappear, in an instant.

Recreate your realities

The world within is the projector of the world without, isn’t it?
But is it because of my fear that someone wants to hurt me?

In my opinion, that someone is the one who is afraid so s/he wants to hurt me. What could I have done? Is it my thought and action which attracted it?


If a leaf drops from the tree and lands on your head, does the tree really want to hurt you? It is just another passing by of circumstances. It is only coincidental if it happens every day that you may now think the tree is trying to hurt you. But in truth, unless you see the tree as an enemy, as an external agent who wishes to harm you, it is just that – a tree. And its actions are nothing personal – unless you CHOOSE to see it directed against you.

Until you become AWARE of the “hate”, aware of the fact that someone is trying to “hurt” you, it doesn’t exist, does it? You CHOOSE to see it directed against you, but in truth, it may never really be.

It is only when you become AWARE of this fact that someone wishes to hurt you, your mind holds the fact to truth and makes it comes to pass. Your own mind, and imagination, gives solidity to your fears. Else, it’s only an appearance – you don’t even necessarily know the truth behind the situation.

Dismiss any fact from your mind which is not conducive to your highest ideal, dismiss it wholeheartedly – however persistent may it appear. THAT is the secret to converting failure into success, converting poverty to riches. Overwhelm your mind with your highest ideals, become positively delusional and keep a happy attitude – and you will find all things work out in your favor. Because as you put out into the Universe, the vibes you radiate, the seeds you sow, so shall you receive.

To life

What other people think of you shouldn’t be your concern.
The only thing you should look to is living life to the full.
Stop playing small.
Yes, you will be depressed, lonely, struggling, hungry,
you will have days where you won’t see any sign of hope,
you will doubt yourself, you will question everything.
Yes, there will be days like this, but don’t let that stop you
from taking a shot at greatness.

Lose not heart, dear friend.
Take each day as it comes.
Take the pain, hurt, and hopelessness,
and turn them about to your advantage.
Lose all fear by embracing it, take more risks,
and leap even further out of your comfort zone.
Just a small step each day is enough.
Little by little is all you need, to learn how to live.

The fire within you tries to express itself,
it rages and burns.
Often it is so overwhelmed with the goings-on of life,
the fire, it seems to have ceased to exist at all.
But be not deceived, it still flames within,
even if faintly, without force, but within flicker it does.

This day may not look much of a reward but
know well and sure that you are exactly
where you are supposed to be.
That no matter who you are and what you do,
you matter already.
That if you have ever done an act of kindness,
if you have ever helped bring joy to a child,
if you have ever smiled at a stranger,
or have simply shared a laugh with friends,
you have done your part.

And now you just have to relax,
and have fun for the rest of the game.
All that stressing over minutiae,
all that chasing and fighting,
all that worrying and doubting,
is all pointless, not necessary at all.
You already are worthy of love,
you already are perfect and divine.

Cheers to life!

Drop your delusions

Unless you are free from your fantasies unless you have overcome your yearning for sense pleasures and external validation, you will not be able to see the higher plane of possibilities that lie dormant within you.

The miracles to the common mind that you may perform, the power that you may express if you would let go of the delusion of a life that you are living in – mistaking false for real.

As and when you can, make a sincere attempt to listen to the inner voice within you. Try to be still, try to quiet the chatter of the mind, and let your inner voice speak. You are not just a man, you are a god living among men – and yet you know it not. So, as long as you do not recognize your true nature, you will only identify yourself as a man, as your worldly identity.

Wake up!
You are here to express your divinity. You are here to discover yourself, you are here to realize who you are, you are here to see yourself in all your glory. You are the universe. You have total control over all in your life. If you’d so wish you could make anything come about in this physical place. It is only because you are so lost in delusion, that you fail to recognize your powers, that you fail to believe in all the possibilities, that you think you have limits.

You don’t need no ground of evidence, your senses delude you as it is, all you have to do is believe – and anything is possible. All things big or small, all circumstances good and bad, all creation is produced in the mind – the seat of all creation.

Your mind is capable of originating an idea and bringing it to life. You may imagine a thing, anything, and make it come to pass. But to do that, you need to shed all your delusion and communicate your idea(s) to the All Mind, the dormant all-pervasive intelligence behind your rational thinking mind.

That’s your only job, to have access to this All Mind. For once you have access to this All Mind, you may at will decree a thing – and it shall be brought to pass.

Find your path.
Drop your delusions.

Nuggets: To have lived

Time is slipping by. Second by second. Minute by minute.
Don’t you see it?

Life is too short to live like this.
Miserable and lifeless.
Without fire and zest.

Yet, you ask what of it?
What’s there of harm living motionless, within comfort?

O! Harm you may see none.
But ask yourself, are you living at all?

Life will be what you make of it.
All the adventures you didn’t embark upon, all the chances you didn’t take.

Does it make you feel better to sit in darkness and without life?
Or does it fire you up going out there battling the sea of fate?

The timid soul is none, your soul would raise that fire within you if would just allow for its expression if you would just quiet your mind and listen to its calling.

To have lived in the sidelines is not to have lived at all.
Tame the seas, breathe the fire, and a life you shall have lived!