You have the power

Often it is a situation of the future that worries us so much now that we lose our present. It robs us of our power to create, and to deal with the appearances of worrisome conditions. What we fail to understand is that it is only an appearance, it is not real yet, but we act like it is. We take it to be the only possible outcome even though it may not be.

We have such a tough time dealing with the appearances that we lose our minds on trifling matters and continue overthinking on every small detail.

Why do we feel so powerless?
Why do we worry about every thing?
Why is there so much fear and uncertainty?

It is because we have lost faith. Not faith in gods or deities. But faith in ourselves. We take ourselves to be insignificant and powerless, while in truth each one of us is a fountain of strength and power, innate with the creative ability. We can change our own lives. Command our own circumstances. Live our lives by choice and not by accident.

But we don’t. Because we have no faith.
We cannot convince ourselves that we are able to do any of that.

Yet, there are people living, happy, joyful lives. Living the life of their dreams. They are not intimidated by the future, or the challenges in the present. Every day is like a blessing to them as they consciously design the lives they wish to live.

So now, even you should at least be aware that you are not alone. That you are taken care of. That this Universe is abundant and giving. That all your troubles are mere appearances and nothing else. That you can choose an outcome, and manifest it in your reality. That you are entitled to as many miracles as you need to turn your life around. That you are blessed and that you have the divine power of creation.

Would you still choose to worry and weep on the little things?

Broaden your sight, dream bigger dreams, & know that all will be taken care of.
Choose your own outcome, with perfect faith, beyond all appearances.

You have the power.

No more suffering

Why do you suffer?
Because you choose to.

The kind of life you want to live, someone out there is living it.
It is there for you as well, if only you would believe it possible.

This suffering is an illusion.
If you choose to, you can walk out of it any time.
The sunshine, the fresh air, the tweeting birds are out there at all times.
You need to open your windows and let the world come in.

I know it has been hard.
I know the drudgery has been overwhelming.
But you can change all of that.
Often it doesn’t take much, just one change of habit is enough.

If I were to recommend a book on that, it would be The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It speaks of how small habits can make a great change over time.

The suffering we face is mostly because our life has gone wildly out of balance. We spend too much time confused, frustrated, feeling not getting anywhere, and lost. We were taught so many things but never how to live our lives.

If you find yourself in unsatisfactory conditions, let me remind you that you have the power to change that. By first changing what is inside you. For what you see in the world outside only manifests from what is in the world inside. The external circumstances are all your creations. You cannot walk away from it, you must embrace it, learn from it, and recreate your life to your own choosing.

The chaos in your inside world, in your consciousness, is caused by the imbalance in your life – when you don’t eat right, don’t sleep right, don’t move about too much, don’t exercise; or when spend your time in low states just sitting on the couch speculating the dangers of your future, or drowned in the consumption of addictive stuff be it social media, or something other.

Snap out of it!

Easy for me to say, right?
I know how it feels when you are deep in your trenches.
You don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t even want to improve.
The pain and suffering is far too much to even notice hope.

But if you don’t make a conscious decision, like enough is enough, you will eventually destroy yourself. It is going to be hard, I agree. But you have the power to make new choices and build better circumstances for yourself. You can change EVERYTHING about you and your circumstances, nothing ever need be the same. It is up to you to decide.

If not anything else, I would suggest you read this article from James Altucher:
Luckiest Guy on the Planet

Don’t give in.
Things will change.
Good things will happen.
Open the windows, let the world come in.

No more suffering.

You can rise up from anything.
You can completely recreate yourself.
Nothing is permanent.
You’re not stuck. You have choices.
You can think new thoughts.
You can learn something new.
You can create new habits.
All that matters is that you decide today and never look back.


Change your self-talk to change your life.

Regardless of what others may think or say about you, you and you alone have the power to accept their judgement. People are not discouraged by criticism, condemnation, or personal attacks, they are discouraged by their own acceptance of these things.

Let no man tell you what you can or can’t do. Let no man tell you where your limits lie. Don’t even tell yourself where your limits lie, because you don’t really know.

You are going to be with yourself more than anyone else. It’s not just a play of words, just think about it. There will be no one with you all the time but you. Therefore, you cannot always rely upon external validation and acceptance of you. You must do it yourself. That is where all the immutable confidence comes from. That is where all the deep-rooted trust comes from. That is where you begin to trust yourself through all things big and small. That is where you begin to grow without depending on external validation.

Change how you speak to yourself.
Change your self-talk to change your life.

It is easy to think you are not worth it, easy to beat yourself down, it is easy to quit, easy to stay within the boundaries of your beliefs. But it takes a lot more to challenge your ideas and your paradigms. It takes a lot more to challenge your conditioning and limited beliefs. What seems possible for the other will not be possible for you, only because your beliefs wouldn’t allow you to see how. You will find excuses, a thousand whys you couldn’t.

But thankfully, you can change all of that. You can change how you look, you can change how you feel, you can change your personality, you change your circumstances, and whatever you may find unpleasant in your current reality – just by changing your self-talk.

Praise the good, affirm the possibilities into your reality.
You can change everything about your life.
You must only make the effort.

It is all possible.

Waste no more time

Time. It is your most precious resource, and how you squander it all away. You are going to be dead in a hundred years, and you’ll be forgotten too, sooner or later. Are you aware of this fact? Our time here on earth is limited. Every day we get a little closer to the end of our time here on earth.

So my question to you is, are you living your life enough?

Stop playing small, stop judging and complaining. If you are alive and breathing you are here for a purpose. Make use of your life and live your bliss. I believe every one of us here on earth comes with a gift. Every one of us is endowed with an ability or two which very few possess. It’s time you slowed down a bit in your life and found your gift. It will be the path to your freedom and your highest joy in love! You will become the medium for the Universe to express itself. And all life will be yours.

Our soul seeks fulfillment through a greater expression of itself. And even though all your material goals and wants are indirectly helping you greatly express the prowess of your soul – what our soul truly seeks is subtler and greater than just fast cars, and big mansions.

It is the act of creation that fills the soul.
And it is love that initiates all creation, the seed for everything.

Waste no more time.
Take time to find your gift.
The things that truly make you come alive.
Then do your thing and share it with the world.

Life is too short to be playing small.
If no one ever told you before, here I am telling you that you are piece of magnificence, that you are perfect, and that you being alive, is a miracle in itself. We just take all of this for granted but its a great thing to be alive.

Make use of your life.
Take the risks, and do what you must.
Dare to follow the path life calls you to walk upon.
If you are alive and breathing you are here for a purpose.

Waste no more time.
Find out what truly makes you come alive.

Live your life, and stop squandering away your time chasing empty pursuits, worrying. complaining and living in misery! Find your gift, it will be the path to your freedom and your highest joy in love!

Go forth!
Life is waiting for you.

The Present Moment

A major part of getting to where you want to go is being present. Yes, being here and now, and enjoying this moment to the full. If you are time-travelling to the past or to the future, you are kind of wasting your present. Instead, use this present moment to create anew.

Whatever feelings you are looking for, you can have them right now. Don’t let appearances cloud your judgement. Behind all your dreams, goals, and needs, there is this wanting to feel secure, or happy, joyful, abundant, loved, respected.

You think when you get to the end of a goal, you will then feel the feelings of happiness, joy, and accomplishment, and you actually will. But it won’t last for long and soon you will find yourself putting another goal before you and then you start all over again chasing greater happiness and higher accomplishment or love or whatever it is you are looking for.

There is one very fundamental lesson that I have learnt and that is – the external circumstances hardly bring lasting happiness, joy, or the feeling of love, security, and abundance. It is only from the inside that one may bring out these emotions and see it reflected in the world outside.

You could have millions of dollars, but if you are always worried about losing it all, do you really feel abundant? The feelings come first and the external realities can only support and amplify it.

If you feel doubtful and insecure about yourself now, you will only attract more circumstances that will amplify your doubt and insecurity. What is needed then first, is a conscious and deliberate change in thought and feeling. And then you shall attract the corresponding circumstances and people that match your vibe and outlook on life.

And that is why this present moment is so important. Because you can deliberately choose to think and feel what you want. It is under your power.

So use this knowledge to your advantage, and fill in as much joy, love, and ecstatic bliss as you can in your present moment. And guess what you are going to attract?


What changes your beliefs and your inner dialogue very much depends upon what you repeatedly tell yourself. It is the inner self talk that determines what you do, and ultimately what you become. Because, eventually, what you become depends on what you think and do, and what you do depends on what you believe you can do.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can‘t – either way you’re right. ~ Henry Ford

More often it is just about self-belief, it is just about having the courage to face challenges and trusting oneself against all odds. If you are looking for encouragement on the outside, you are only wasting your time. If you are looking for validation from your past experiences, you are only limiting your possibility.

The human spirit is all-powerful, it can overcome all the limits of your body and mind.

If you can subconsciously make yourself believe in a possibility – there will be no trouble in making it come to pass. Yet even then, our logical mind puts up all the ways why things won’t work out. It sets off all the false alarms controlled by fear of failure, ridicule, and embarrassment. But the only way to get your logical mind to believe or even consider a new idea is through the repetition of information. Affirmations.

There have many miraculous breakthroughs by the use of affirmations. Sick people have been healed, deformed men have come to shape, poor men have become rich, voiceless men have begun to speak. All of this through the repetition of information in their minds. Over and over unto themselves until the affirmation had become a reality.

If you ever get an opportunity, read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy, or if you have read it already read it again. It will open up new possibilities for you. It might as well change your life. Whatever circumstances you dream of, or think of things that are beyond your grasp, are ever within your reach. Make use of affirmations and step into a new light. Make a statement or a prayer, hold onto it, affirm it at all times and watch it weave itself into your reality – almost effortlessly.

It is a great science of mind and you are ever free to experiment with it. Make use of affirmations and step into a new light. The highest life awaits you.

Nuggets: Vision

If you’ve got a dream, if you’ve got a vision, you have to find a way to remind yourself of it every day. The comings and goings of daily life, the deadlines and busy schedules will distract you from your vision. Sometimes, you cannot even help it, a lot of urgent things seem to come up and you’re soon spending all your time and energy putting out the fires. It is actually a very common thing.

But what separates the achievers, the go-getters, the successes from the rest is that they keep their vision before them at all times, even through hard times.

What is it that you dream of?
Make time for it every day.
Relive your vision, think upon it, act on it – every day.

You can’t afford not to.