This page is designed to help you snap out of any situation and to help you get back on track! Although it may not be fail-proof but it will surely help you look at the wider perspective and realise that you have the power to overcome any setback.
Grow out of self-pity and get busy living!

Remember, negative emotions may make you feel bad at this moment, but they are not bad in itself. They mould you into maturity and grant you wisdom. If you are in a situation where you cannot see any hope it is because you do not see far enough. Life is really simple, our interpretation of the events in life makes it painful for us. You are here to accomplish great things, to create things yet unimaginable, to think what no one has ever thought before, to do what no one has ever done before. Own it!


When you feel lost and hopeless > Lost

When you feel stuck in life > Are you stuck?

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